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A large number of free web templates are not Open Source but the following templates thankfully are.

Android MDL Skin by Material Design Lite
Android MDL Skin

A Material Design Lite version of the current site, using the same content with a horizontal navigation, feature carousel and long form scrolling sub pages.

Dark Theme by Material Design for Bootstrap
Dark Theme

Dark Theme code example for MDBootstrap (other code samples also available)

Fake Github Clone by Metro UI
Fake Github Clone

A proof of concept using Metro UI 4 to produce a Github style website clone. You really need a double-take to realise it isn't Github!

Material Design Blog by Material Design Lite
Material Design Blog

A mobile focused responsive template that showcases image or text based blog entries, a subscription CTA, search & share links, and an expanded article page with comments, counters and bookmarking capabilities built-in.

Material Design Dashboard by Material Design Lite
Material Design Dashboard

A modular responsive template built to display data visualizations and information with a clear vertical nav, user profile, search and dedicated space for updates and filters.

Material Design Kit by Material Design Lite
Material Design Kit

A free kit to design websites using Google's Material Design guidelines.

Material Design Lite Portfolio by Material Design Lite
Material Design Lite Portfolio

A modern and clean looking template for a portfolio/blog build with Material Design Lite. Included are a top nav bar that comes with the waterfall header component, cards to display different types of content and a footer.

Material Design Lite Starter Template by Material Design Lite
Material Design Lite Starter Template

Built for presenting content that is information dense, easily updatable, and optimized for legibility, this template has a sticky horizontal top nav on mobile, feature callouts, cards and a site map footer with a deep-linked table of contents. CSS & JS hosted by CDN (or use your own if you prefer)

Metro Style Start Page by Metro UI
Metro Style Start Page

A Metro Style template similar to Windows Phone and Windows 8 Start Menu

Metro Style Windows-Like Desktop by Metro UI
Metro Style Windows-Like Desktop

A proof of concept using Metro UI 4 to produce a basic Windows-like OS desktop with Start Bar and Modal Windows

Pandora Admin by Metro UI
Pandora Admin

Pandora is a Responsive and Clean Admin Dashboard template. This template created with Metro 4 with uses native classes, elements, and components. The template contains different types of reusable and professional responsive components with different variations.

Stand Alone Article by Material Design Lite
Stand Alone Article

A clean layout optimized for presenting text-based content with a breadcrumb nav, search, clear headers and a footer that utilizes a card-like structure to showcase the content.

Tabler Open Source by MIT Templates
Tabler Open Source

Tabler is a Open source HTML Dashboard template that is used by thousands of developers. It’s built on Bootstrap with responsive and high-quality UI Kit.

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