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FREE Website Templates with CSS3 Styling

FREE Website Templates offers you a wide range of human-checked quality free web templates. Website Templates with CSS3 are the best and eliminates the need to use so many images for styling and achieve HTML element styling with less code. New Features introduced by CSS3 include Box Shadow, Rounded Corners (Border Radius), Opacity, Gradient Colours, RGBA, and attribute selectors avoiding chained classes or specialised IDs. It is a game changer compared to CSS and CSS2. No longer do we need alpha channel GIFs for opacity, gradient images, and image style hacks to apply curved lines or shadows around elements. It also makes it easier for websites serving different devices of various screen sizes.

Dazzle by Style Shout

Dazzle is a modern and beautiful well crafted responsive template created for showcasing your software and mobile application. Built with clean and organized css3 and html5 code, this template is very easy to customize.

Ethereal by HTML5 UP!

This is Ethereal, a free site template by AJ for HTML5 UP. It’s fully responsive, built on HTML5 and CSS3, and released entirely for free under the Creative Commons license. Hope you dig it :)

Massively by HTML5 UP!

A free, fully responsive HTML5 + CSS3 site template designed by @ajlkn for HTML5 UP and released for free under the Creative Commons license.

Serenity by Bootstrap Made

Serenity is a modern multipurpose website template, suitable for corporate, business, creative agency, consultancy firm websites and more. It's fully responsive bootstrap template built on Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and jQuery.

Sparrow by Style Shout

Sparrow is a clean, modern and visually attractive template. It is designed to be a multi-purpose site template. You can use it for many types of website

Totality by Web Design Derby

Totality is another simple to use straight forward responsive template. The part I wanted to play around with is the responsive mobile menu and use CSS3 transitions to show some effects when clicked.

The END (for now). Not a single Premium website template in sight. No crafty ThemeForest, Template Monster and other affiliate themes cheekly and conveniently added among the list. FREE Website Templates are not an affiliate of these template marketplaces. We trust if you wanted to pay for a website theme you would have checked them out as are easily found from a Google Search.

We appreciate your support - there are thousands of other websites to get themes from - and you chose ours. We have only been going since November 2021 so the number of quality templates will grow in time although we are very much quality over quantity. We don't ask for or accept donations - our website advertisements - which you may choose to block - cover our costs. If you are feeling generous, you may support your web template's author with a Donation or buy the right to remove the credit link from the footer.

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